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Find someone in your area and hire them in a click. Hussle free, reliable, local people.

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Hire anyone

We aim to connect everyone to nearby people to make easier and reliable to hire anyone.

Looking for a job?

Find jobs in your area. If you are a freelance, increase your number of customers at click hire. Make extra cash from your skills by helping a neighbour, we connect people to hire and provide service.

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Freelance for a neighbour and make extra cash from your unique skills. Join click hire to get started.

Hire anyone

Do you need someone to clean your house or a massage? At Click Hire, we possess a large database of professional you can hire at a click.

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We are looking for Astronauts

  • personal trainers
  • make-up artists
  • babysitters
  • translators
  • cleaners
  • tutors

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We possess a large database of tutors all over the country for you to choose.


Web Designers
Web Designers

We are looking for web designers to join click hire so if you would like to expand your clientelle, join click hire.



We are looking for personal trainer and health specialists, join us to increase your clients.



Our mission is to connect freelancer and skillful professionals with people who needs a service.


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